Starting a new life and a New Year's Resolution

/ 2.08.2014

  Now that I have seven months living in U.S I decided to star my blog because is a way distract myself  from anxiety and bad thoughts.
I need to admit that I was afraid to do my own blog but than I realize IT IS A NEW YEAR, come on, I need to take risks, and  I know  it is late to do my ''New Year's Resolution'' but I do not care; IT IS BETTER NOW THAN NEVER.

I have been writing in a paper my goals or New Years Resolution for almost 3 years and is the best thing I've ever done. So, a really good advise I can share with you today ''Write things down''; Believe me it can change your life. No mater how good you are memorizing you are going to forget what you want to do or the things you desire to obtain. 

Today I am going to share mines  

  1. Love God, pray and read  Bible  
  2. Love my family
  3. Care more about people 
  4. Improve my English
  5. Work hard
  6. Learn from people
  7. Read more books  
  8. Photography 
  9. Go to Hillsong NYC Church 
  10. Write on my journal 
  11. Don't waste time
  12. Get in shape, eat well, Gym E-day
  13. Camera 
  14. Computer 
  15. Make friends
  16. Influence people 
  17. Be productive
  18. Driver license   (:           


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