Perfect Eyebrows

/ 5.01.2014

 We all know who right now is 'Eyebrows Girl' , Miss Delevingne.  I think -almots- everyone wish to have Cara's eyebrows because it seems to have  the perfect shape. Guess what; Today I'm going to tell you what you things need to get Cara Eyebrow or better yet, to get your own eyebrows' look because that's is what we want, feel confident in our own eyebrows, not comparing our self with others.

Courtesy of tumblr.

 What you need to do your eyebrows: 

1.-   Eyebrows Brush 

2.- Eyebrows Angle Brush 

2.-  Brown shadow to fulfill your eyebrows 

3.-    Brown or Transparent - Mascara to keep the shape (optional) 

And that's it. Soon I'll be doing a tutorial for you guys! 

Thank you, hope you like it. 

Feel free to comment and share.  

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  1. Good to know it!


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