/ 6.16.2014

A miracle happened today but first let me give a background. I bought my camera 3 month ago, only the body because I didn't have enough money to buy the lens. Through those month I was trying to  get a job so I could buy it, so I started praying about it and the following week I got job, crazy, hah?.  It wasn't what I was looking but It taugth me SO MUCH, how to apreciated others, how to be more kind and more selfless. 
On Saturday I was searching for lens I wanted and I saw that it was a bit pricey and I started looking for actions; I spend the entire weekend on an action and I lost, so sad but I felt God's peace. Then I told my dad that about it and God put the right words on him, he told me very encoraging things. Next day I was in other action and God helped me to win the battle. 
What I want to tell you is don't lose your faith. We want things now, we need to be patient. He works slowly. 

It means now I can show you photos properly and make lots of videos for you, girls<3

Thank you for passing by, it means a lot. Don't forget to live your comment and blog down below so I can go and see it. 



  1. I just VERY recently bought my camera as well! I'm just starting blogging out, so I got a little dslr from canon...cannot wait to start using it for blogging!

    yes God is so good :)

    1. I got a dslr too (: So nice. He really is.


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