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/ 6.25.2014

 Finally I was able to go out and take some pictures for you guys.
Yesterday I was really tired becase I have been all day out of my house (You can see my face on the picture) but my dog (Ryan) needed it to go out. In front of my apartment there is this beautiful lake where everyone is walking, running, exercising or like me taking the dog out. The best part of all its that is so big, that there is a place for everyone. Thus, I decided to bring my camera with me; I was just testing to see how the pictures looked and  I really liked how it turn out so I decided to post it.

What wearing a bluose from Zara, high waitsed shorts I found in a Thrift Store and my favorites ankle boots from Cotton on, I can wear those boots all day and never get tired and I just got them just for $10!.

Special thanks to my brother who help me!

Let me know what you think! and don't forget to leave your blog on the comment so I can see your looks too. 



  1. Love the pictures !! There are really cool and the look is top ♥

    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin ?

  2. you are so pretty!
    love your style <3


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