/ 6.07.2014

1.  Nike Women's Pro Flow Training Gloves
2. Hair Ties
3. Small Towel 
4. Air Max Nike's 
5. Timmer 

A month ago i was trying to do the 30 days challenge and I failed. Now, I found a way to exercise without getting so tired and wishing more. 
I started 05/30/14. Every night I do a circuit of 45 min and then stretching for 10 min and it is working and I can feel it, i do not get tired. In a circuit you get to combined cardiovascular and resistance training -and you can get very toned-.
Also, I am eating well -of course, there is day where I eat a cheatmeal-. 
I can not wait to show you guys my results. 

¿Tell me about you? ¿Are you working out? ¿What do you do? 

Don't forget to drink lot of water


  1. Me gustan las zapatillas :)

    1. Gracias! Son súper cómodas, las recomiendo.


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