Wish List JUNE

/ 6.09.2014

Wish List JUNE

1.Nike rubber shoes: These are a need, to train you really a good pair of shoes and my actual ones need a break.
2.Sunglasses: I need more the one but I thought it would be boring to put all of them. 
3.Mac Cosmetics concealer: I have heard great things about this one, so I want to try to see what it's like.
4.Mac Cosmetics foundation: Same with this one, I just seem that covers all ''you want to cover''. 
5.White Backpack: I have a Billabong backpack but it's a sport one, I think it's time to switch for one a bit more wearable. 
6.High Waist Denim Shorts: Miami is getting so hot that I always when I go out it never cross my mind to use jeans. Never. Too hot. And we are just starting; With that said, I need variety of shorts.
7.Urban Decay/ Naked 1,2,3 Palette: I need them all. I am that person who loves how people used dark shadows but hates how it looks on me. When it comes to make up my eye I always go for Nude colors and this palette has a great variety of them.
8.New York Logo: Means a Fly ticket to New York haha. 
9.Rimmel London/ Stay Matte Powder: I have Oil Skin and try always go matte. 
10.Neutrogena Shine Control: Oil Control foundations are my favorites. Every time I go to drugstore I want to this one; Let see if I do it this month. 
11.Maybelline/ Fit anti-shine: This one is awesome to contour your face. Go for a tone a little bit darker than your skin tone. 
12.Mac Highlighter: I haven't used any highlighter and I am really curious about it.
13.White Desk: Currently my desk, if I can call that a desk -small table- it only has space for my desktop. 
14.Stussy Cap: It's necessary if you live in Florida.
15.Bracelets/Rings: If you saw my old post called Details, you know I'm starting to use bracelets and rings.
16.Small Round Bag: Totally a must have, I don't want to carry with me always a big bag. 

This is my Wish List June, thank you for passing by. Don't forget to comment and If you made yours I would love to see it and follow you!, just live the link down below on the comments. 

Bless you,xo


  1. Hey there, I adore your blog so much! :)
    I LOVE this post! I love NAKED 1, and have been eyeing Naked 2 for the longest time, if only I had more money in my pocket!

    I’m your newest follower on Bloglovin' :).. Hope you can follow back!





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