DIY Chain Bracelets

/ 7.01.2014

Today, I'm going to share with you a DIY. It's so easy to do and you don't need pretty much anything.
I like these bracelets because I think they look cool and it has like a air of bohemian style, and they are super comfortable. Also, You can find all the materials at The Dollar Store or Walmart; You know, it's not like when you follow a fitness Instagram Account and they share a recipe and some  ingredients are not easy to find and that's why you eat junk food hahaha -This is the opposite-. 
Well, I hope you enjoy it as I did. I made a VIDEO too. You can see it HERE

1. Hair Ties
2. Long Link Chain  (its depend on how many bracelets you want to do. You can use any color you want.                                                                            
3.Hair Ties (as many as you want)                                           
4.  2 Pliers but I discover that you can use 1 Plier and a Fork (: or 2 Forks

Have fun creating your Bohemian Chain Bracelets

Don't forget to comment, I really enjoy reading them and looking at all your blogs<3 



  1. So cute and such an easy tutorial. Loved the video and totally can't wait to try this!!

    xx 365hangers

    1. Thank you! I love your website a lot<3


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