Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie

/ 7.18.2014

Smoothie because it's summer and there is this strong heat here in South Florida. Literally I feel we're getting burn by the crazy sun and bitten by wild mosquitoes.  The only thing can help us is a cold drink plus air conditioner. Those are my personal thoughts maybe because I come from cold weather. However, I'm happy and enjoying my very blessed summer.
 Girls you need to know a fact about me, I don't drink anything but water, besides coffee and milk. Yeah, that's it, nothing else; My brother and mother are always joking about it and saying that I only do photosynthesis -haha.  

Yogurt and fruits are a great combination. I mean, who doesn't love yogurt right? is pretty obvious I couldn't say no to that. Also, For those of you that are on the run this is a quick breakfast recipe for you, it only take two minutes. I added strawberry and banana but you can put any fruit you want and even nuts. I don't know, get creative!

                                                      Now, watch the VIDEO and enjoy!!<3


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