How To Have A Healthy, Long Hair

/ 7.08.2014

My hair has been going throught lots of things. I dyed it many times, black, purple, red, light light brown and so on... After all the things I did it, I had to find a way to recover. Also, I choped it up to my neck when I was 12.  One day, I felt wanted a healthy and long long long hair so I started resarching for things that would help me.  
Right now I know everyone has short hair but I still want my hair long. It took time and I still heling my hair, but now I can say that I'm liking my hair more and more. 

I'll be sharing products I'm currently using.

1.- Use a good shampoo. This L'oréal Advace Haircare Total repair is really good, my hair isn't that damage but I wanted try it and I got great results. Also I use Ogx is organic and leave your hair beautiful.

2.- Use a good good conditioner. It's crucial if you want a smooth and shiny hair and if you don't want to sufer brushing your hair after the shower. I used that same brand of the shampoo.

3. Hydrating Hair Mask. I applied a mask every fifteen day before I get to the shower and I leave it 30 minutes. You can find these mask at Walmart, Target or better you can make one at home specially for the type of your hair. Olive Oil or Grapes Oil is really good too.

4.- Marvelous Oil. You have to put this one after you wash your hair and only at the end of hair if you don't want to get a greasy hair. 

Something important you need to know is, it's going to take time, be patient. When I didn't care how long it was my hair is when it started growing.


  1. OH, your hair are really beautiful <3

  2. Such great tips and your hair is gorgeous.

    xx 365hangers


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