The ''Perfect Eyebrows''

/ 7.31.2014


  The meaning of "Perfect Eyebrows". Lets start saying it doesn't exist such thing. Everyone is different and everyone has different point of view of life. What for me looks pretty, for you can be the uglies thing in the world. Its all about perspective.  Some people may like Cara Delevingne's Eyebrows and some people might not; wich is good, right? variety.

  I'm talking -sorry- writing about this because I made a video called ''How to get  perfect eyebrows'' so... before someone comes to me saying that my eyebrows aren't perfect, I had to put this. You can watch the video HERE *. I'm just showing some tips on how to makeup your eyebrows and what I usually do take care of them. 

 With all of this comes the fact the we need to love our self more, we live complaning,  always saying what we don't like but we never have the time to say what we like or just to realice that we need to be gratteful for what we have. A little bit confussing but you get me.

 Anyways, today I encouragge and challenge you to love yourself more, accept the beautiful you. You're unique, which awesome! and don't forget to enjoy this great and very blessed life. 


* The video is in Spanish BUT  I'm going to have more videos in English.

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  1. Me ha gustado mucho el vídeo, aunque yo aún sigo con las pinzas jajajaja.
    Un beso y buen fin de semana.

    1. Gracias Belinda! Jajaja esta bien, cada quien hace algo diferente.
      De nuevo, gracias por pasarte.


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