Jean Jacket

/ 7.15.2014

 Took these photos on a rainy Saturday and in my defence I tried to take them the day before but asistant -my brother- come late from work and it to was dark.  

You know when you have a garment that you want to use every single day of the year and you think it looks good with everything?, well, for me this jacket is that. Let me tell you, I was looking for an oversized  jean jacket for months, specially in thrift stores becase I think you can the best one there but I wasn't lucky; So One day I when to Dadeland Mall here in Miami and I got the chance to go to one of my favorites stores, Cotton On and found this lovely jacket for only $15.     I love Cotton On, they have a big variety of clothing and they're not prisey.  And the white shirt is also from Cotton On.


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  1. denim jackets are always A+! they absolutely go with everything.
    mortem blonde

    1. Totally agree!!! Thank you for passing by


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