/ 8.12.2014

Hey Girls, I come with a new video...and a new dance, as you can see.  The video is a tutorial on how I made my ripped jeans, those on the gift above. I love how they turned out. I confess I was little bit afraid of cutting them because those jeans are extremely comfortable; However I went to Aeropostal and I got new ones for only $5, so I took the risk. Now, I like them even more. It's super easy. I was really careful with them. They stretch a lot, the fabric is very delicate and that's why I was cautious on the process. But if yours are just simple hard blue jeans, you can go wild on them haha. 

Please if you want to know how I did them click    HERE to watch the video. 

Don't forget to comment and if you ripped yours let me know! 

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