/ 8.05.2014

WANTED. I love hats and my mom knows it. She's always asking me why? and my answers is ''I don't know, I just love to wear them''.
A Fedora Hat is a must in every womans closet or at lest in mine -hats in general-. You can wear them with everything and in every season -my opinion; Maybe for summer you can find one with a different texture. 
Now you know I been looking forward to get one but I haven't find anything yet or one that looks good on top of my head. 
If you know where can I get one, please leave it down below. Also, let me know if you consider that this kind of hats are quit small... or maybe is just my head a little to big for them? hahahah nothing to be ashamed about. 


  1. You should check out H&M or Forever21, all the hats I have ever bought, belong to those stores! (; I love them.
    mortem blonde

  2. I agree that these hats are just great! And I got mine from Asos.com, you don't get to try them on but I bet they'll look great, they've got measurements and stuff, so you can check yourself before hand :)
    Have a great one xx


    1. Thank you!!! I'm going to check them right now<3


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