/ 8.21.2014

I really enjoy knitting. When I was younger I took classes of jewelry making and different things but never about this. However, when I was twellve a Colombian woman used to help us clean my house, I actually don't remember exactly how she ended up teaching me but she was the one. I'll never forget her for that.
She taught me the basics. I did a small scarf and years after I gave it to my Grandmother. 
The last year when I moved, I felt inspired by my aunt Ana who does crochet. Also, something  great is that here you can find so many options of yarn that's incredible. So I have to say my mom saw my eager and asked me  to make her a scarf and I did it -obviously a long time ago. The beige one.

When I was cleaning the room the other day I noticed  a huge black yarn  taking me some space on the room and I decided to finish it. The black scarf took me like twelve hours, first time I knit so fast. They are "infinitty scarf", my favorites.
What I love about knitting is that you get so creative doing it. It is very special because is something that you made. Sometimes, I want to give people a memmorable gift and now I think this is it. For me, everything that involves the word create, interests me. Thus, I think this is a small thing that would give me lots of memories.
 Maybe people occasionally will look at you weird or least it has happened to me. They'll say "Knitting is just for grandmas'' wich is something that makes me laugh. Don't take the comments too seriously, people don't know what they say every so often.

Perhasp what you would like to do it's not knitting but another thing. Maybe you have nobody to encouraje you to do what you like but KNOW something, here I am today telling you DO IT. Don't waste you time, girl.

"Remember that you are an individual expression of God. As a work of God's art, you are priceless and irreplaceable" 

Share with me what you love doing!


  1. It looks really pretty! I wanted to learn how to knit but I get frustrated too easily :/
    mortem blonde

    1. Thank you! You should definitely do it. It's very useful hahah.


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