Rock The Universe 2014 | TRAVEL

/ 9.09.2014

I'm back. Yeah, I was gone for four days, I went to Orlando FL to attend #RockTheUniverse which is an event that happens every year usually on the second weekend of September and its full of great music. They put three stages in different places in the park and the bands were playing at the same time. It was very fun. Also, while all that happens you can get on the attractions.
I had a very blessed time with my uncle and his family, very grateful with them because took us there, sadly part of my family couldn't go but I still enjoyed my time there.
This is something I need to say, I was hugely surprise of how many people were there, so many and so many different people believing in God. If you live near Orlando I'll recommend you go the next year to experience what it's like.

I hope you liked the video I made, I had fun doing it. Besides the rain I'm glad and happy how the photos turned out,  they are barely retouched. It rained a LOT I didn't take my camera out so it was hard to get enough footage.

Let me know what you think!

Can't wait to be there next year.


  1. OMG!!! SWITCHFOOT <3 <3 <3
    I love this kind of Festivals(? because all the bands that i like they are together in the same place. You are so lucky!
    Here in Argentina there aren't things like this, or they are only in the capital Buenos Aires.


    1. Yeaah, it was amazing specially Switchfoot!!!! I feel you, I'm from Venezuela and there aren't things like this there. I hope you can go to one of this festivals one day.

  2. such a cool vlog! who did you see live?
    mortem blonde

    1. Thank you! Switchfoot, Newsboys, Third Day, Rend Collective, TobyMac, etc. There were a lot of bands but I was on the attractions haha!


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