/ 10.14.2014

  Avocado is the solution. Maybe you already have heard how beneficial  the avocado is for your health and how delicious recipes you can do with it. I used to say to my mom I didn't like it but the fact was I never tried it before, however when I moved to US I challenged myself to try new things and that's when my love for avocado started.
The other day my mom shared with me a homemade recipe to hydrate your hair with this amazing fruit. What does this mask do? helps to repair your damaged hair or just to turn it more brighter and smoother of what already is.

To achieve this miraculous hair mask you only need a few things:

-Avocado (it's better if you used one that its about to get bad)



-Olive Oil

How to apply it

1.- 30 min before you get into the shower put the mixture on your hair (if you have oily hair, just at the ends) and then put a bag or shower cap so it can take effect

2. Do your normal routine

* Do this every 15 day or every week *

* Leave the hydrating mask on the refrigerator *

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