/ 10.21.2014

Hi lovely people, hope y'all are doing good!!!

I did a Get Ready With Me Video; I didn't speak on the video because I got a cold voice is sounding a little bit weird and I didn't want you to freak out.  
I'm putting everything used on the video here for those of you that want to know. 
Also, I haven't moved out yet and everything is out of place, what that means is I'm trying as hard as I can to keep the blog running so stay with me, don't go anywhere!!!

As always thank you for passing by


Hola querido readers!

Hice un video, esta en mi canal de Youtube se llama Get Ready With Me, allí muestro como me maquillo rápidamente haciendo un look inspirado por el otoño. Si quieren ver más videos así, pero yo hablando, mostrado looks o algo especifico que ustedes deseen ver, por favor déjenme saber!
Voy colocar todos los productos que use abajo para aquellos de ustedes que quieren saber.
Yo comente en uno de mis previos post que me mudare, eso quiere decir que todo esta fuera de su lugar y bueno les quería dejar saber que estoy haciendo todo lo posible para actualizar el blog más frecuentemente. 

Gracias por leerme, abrazos


1. Clinique Powder
2. Milani Blush
3. Almay Fondation
4. Burgundy Wet n Wild Lipstick
5.Clinique Mascara
6. Cover Girl Concealer 
7. NYC Company Mascara
8. Victoria Secret Bronzer
9. Elf Eyebrows Brown Shadow 
10. NYC White Eye Pencil
11. Elf Eyelash Curler
-Naked Palette #3


  1. your photos are just so lovely and the design of your blog is gorgeous ! :) What lens do you use to take such picture ? Is it the 50mm f/1,4 ? :)

  2. Such gorgeous photos. We're in love with your blog!!

    xx 365hangers

    1. Thank you so much!! xx I love yours too

  3. Love this post! All your products are such great picks :) xx



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