/ 2.11.2015

The day before my birthday I went out with my brother to snap some pics; you know, to have some "memories" of me.  We took them in this beautiful dock near my house, and I said "we" because I took the major of photos, and yes they were all my brothers, how ironic? haha 
The weather was freaking cold, which was a good-positive thing. I need to say that I'm more than happy that my birthday is on winter season.  Could you imagine taking all the pics on summer? all, no.

Speaking of my birthday, was good.  I didn't get to celebrated the same day but we went out a few days after to have breakfast and had lovely time.  We also had -as you can see on the pic below- a wonderful view and food was delicious too; so much so that I forgot to take picture of my breakfast to show how pretty it was!

For me, the fact that I got the chance to have another year of life it's amazing; sounds a bit dramatic but is the reality. I know in many other -dangerous- countries people don't always have that opportunity so I couldn't be more grateful with God for that. 
By the way, I'm I'm officially legal in my home country but to be honest it's no exciting at all, it has its pros and cons...

I'll post more pics and share with you where you can get this outfit later, so come back soon!!!


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