/ 2.19.2015

Cool shoes to even cooler shoes.

The other day I found these shoes at our garage. I think they were my cousins. When I was checking them I realized they were Vans; so I thought I could use them. But I wasn't quite happy with the little black and white squares so I decided to modify them and turn them into the original model.  I wasn't afraid of doing it because if they turned out bad I would just keep them on the garage haha. 

I painted them with special fabric paint. As you can see... still needs another layer and also needs to be clean up; despite that I think they look great.

Ok. Maybe you are wondering, why am I sharing this? This isn't a tutorial or DIY! I know I know...I would say this is more like a motivation. 
Today I encourage you to look out for something -anything- and  transform it into something that you like and are happy with it!

We usually tend to focus on the things we don't have and usually forget about the advantage we could take of the things that surround us. Let's change that today!

Stay inspired,


  1. Really like what you did with them, I love the more simple vans like how you painted them :)

    1. Thank you T'erra! I like them that way too


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