/ 4.17.2015

 Breakfast is the most important meal in our day. I personally can't work properly throughout the day if I don't have breakfast. It's impossible. One of the first thing I do when I wake up is to think what I am going to have for breakfast.

Does anyone think the same way? Do you?

These pancakes are great. High in fiber, excellent to have a good digestion.  Also, they are a great source of protein and help to control the appetite, anxiety and to speed the metabolism. Besides all of those good benefits, these pancakes are easy to do - I know I always say that but it's the truth. Just open your heart to these delicious pancakes and stop eating so much bread.

I hope you like the as much as I do. If you try them, please let me know. Feel free to to send me an picture or whatever comes up into your mind (:

  • 4 or 3 whites
  • 1 Cup Oats 
  • 1 Tbsp Linaza or Chia 
  • As much as you want of Cinnamon & Vanilla
  • 3 Stevia envelopes
  • You can add a little bit of water or almond milk if you want
  • Topped it with peanut butter or fruits or nuts or whatever you want!!!

  • Just put all the ingredients together on a mixer/blender and that's it. For me the trick is to let it blend completely so it can become a thick mixture and it doesn't get stick onto the frying pan. 

Love, K


  1. Mmhh :) you make all of your recipes look so yummy!
    Juli xx

    1. Hahaha! Thank you so much Juli<3


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