/ 4.27.2015

At the end of December I started to have skin problems, acne, scars, etc. I never experienced it  that way before; I would have a few pimples every now and then but nothing severe like this time. I know that we all go through this at some point -cuff cuff, puberty- but let me tell you this time was crazy different.

Two years ago I used to have my own dermatologist and he would tell me what creams should I use, and my skin would get so much better afterward. Since I moved all I do is try to figure out what's good and what's not and test by my own new products.

However, I feel like this time the problem was focus on what I ingest, you know the food I put on my body than actually how I treat my skin and the process I was using. As a result I've been cutting out some type of food and I have seen a big difference. It has improved but not completely, I still have some scars, etc.

I'm currently using some new products and it's crazy how my skin has changed. I don't want to show you yet because I'm testing it for 20 days to see if it's really really good and give you my opinion.

I can't wait to show my before and after. Stay tuned!!!

If you have had acne or any other type of skin problems, what products did you use or are currently using the helped you?

Let me know on the comments!!!!


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