/ 6.12.2015

A couple a weeks ago my friend Karen invited me to hang out. To my surprise she took me to a store called Lush -everyone knows it-, they sell natural handmade products for the skin. And Waaa, I love that store. I actually went a few times before but I never bought anything.

We were there for a long time, testing, talking and learning about the benefits of the products. We pretty much wanted to take the whole store with us. The employees were so kind, attentive and polite. I had a good experience, I'll recommend everyone to go there.

At the end Karen bought a cleanser and few other products -She will write a review- and generously bought me a mask as a gift.

Lately my skin has had a drastic misbalance. I've been trying different methods, products and cutting out certain kind of food.  Finally, I think I know what it is but that would take me whole post.


This is the first mask that I have ever tried. I guess I never knew what type of mask to choose or just simply didn't believe in them.
My honest opinion is that the mask is great for both type of skin. In my case I have mixed skin and it works amazing. The consistency of the mask is very refreshing and because it is made with natural and fresh ingredients such as, peppermint, kaolin, and scrubby aduki beans, etc smells incredible.
There are a few things I love about the mask. I love that calms the redness -which I struggle with-, I love that is not harsh for your skin and I love that leaves your skin like a baby butt -soft.
This deep cleansing mask is made for you to use it not only on your face but your neck and back i.e. those areas acne prone skin. I apply mine once a week since is not a daily facial wash. I leave it on for up to 15 minutes but that is completely up to you. Then wash it off with warm water, massaging as you go, and that's it. You ended up having a healthy bright skin.


The store didn't have the cleanser available, it was sold out because they said that is so good that everyone buys it so they gave me an example.
This product is for those fighting oily, blemish prone skin. It gently exfoliates your skin and it contains nourishing vitamins and minerals. Even though with that little example I was able to observe a difference in my skin.
It's made of herbs and my favorite part is that helps to balance out your skin oil production. To apply this product you have to dampen your face with warm water, take a piece of your cleanser, and mix it with a little of water to create a paste, then put it on and after rinse off.

That's all I have to say. I hope to get more of this products since my skin responded really well. AND if you own or use any of the lush products or any other good brand, please share with us on the comments below!!


  1. Looks awesome! Love face masks as well :)


    1. Thank you Erica! Now, I love them too haha


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