/ 8.24.2015

A few weeks back I went to Jacksonville, FL to do some work with my dad. While I was there I went to the know just to "hang out" but I found a good deal on this dress (Forever21) and I bought it. It reminds me of my childhood and some TV shows I used to watch haha. It's really comfortable and very classic in my opinion. I like it a lot. I paired with black tights and those shoes from Zara. Probably you're thinking "WHAT, tights in summer? in Miami? Heck No!..." aaaand you're right, it's freaking hot outside. However, must of the time you're in air conditioner. AND when we were taking these photos the mosquitoes didn't bother me at all; points for me.

By the way, these shoes have two years with me and they look like new (I take care of them, they're precious to me) and they were a really good deal too. I only paid $14!!! So watch out. Zara has really good deals when they change of season.

I'm always curious about what you guys think! I want to know if you have a classic piece in your closet, if yes, which one and why?

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  1. love this dress and how you styled it, really suits you!

    danielle | avec danielle


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