/ 8.20.2015

I love setting up and creating moments like this. It reminds me that the little things are the ones that matter and I enjoy the most.
You know...those that are worth writing about in a journal late at night so you don't forget any details. If we think about it everyday each of us experience a few little moments like this that mark our lives a bit more than others. Small talks filled with wisdom, early morning watching the sunrise, Friday nights with friends, longs walks with your dog, a day at the beach with you love ones, or like me, having breakfast while reading to get motivate it to start my day. At the end, these are the things we will take with us, moments and experiences.

Ok. The first paragraph brings me to the fact that I'm a morning person. I LOVE waking up early to start my day by exercising and then having breakfast while I do my devotional. This is one of the best ways to start my day. What's even greater is that each time it's different. And no, I don't do this everyday, I wish, but sometimes my schedule gets crazy and it's impossible for me to do so.

So for you to create your own little moment like this, you'll only need a few simple things to set it up.

  • - Blanket - Marshalls
  • - Wood Board - Marshalls
  • - Plates - Marshalls
  • - Basket -Marshalls
  • - Juice Jar - Marshalls
  • - Magazines, books, journals or you bible. Whatever works for you.
  • - And of course, the food of your choice.

Now, share with me what's your favorite thing to do? you know, your special little moment; or what's your favorite meal of the day? Can't wait to read your comments (:


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