/ 8.29.2015

Hey beautiful people!!

Today I bring with me something special for all of us -yes, including myself. I've been planning this for weeks and is finally here.

I had a section on the blog called "Long Line Interviews" where I used to ask creative people questions to 1. Get to know them 2. Learn from their creative outlet and 3. Receive their advice. It was really fun and helpful to many of us.
I still want to keep up with that but this time is going to be a little bit different. I don't if you already know but there's a huge movement right now on Instagram called #KaylasArmy or #Kaylamovement, that has been created and guided by @KaylasItsines.

Kayla created two amazing guides of 12 week for women to exercise without having the necessity of a gym and giving outstanding results. Seriously, it's crazy how beneficial and useful this workout plan is. However, I'm not going to talk or explain anything about the guide in this post; If you want to know more and get yours go to her website Or if you want a more detailed post and want me to share my experience, please let me know in the comments. I would be happy to do it.

Anyway, in the following weeks we'll be having  #BBGINTERVIEWS here on the blog. Like I said to these amazing girls, this is a great way for all the BBG community and those that want to be part of it, get motivated, interact, support and know each other in this journey.

I hope you're excited as I am!!!!



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