/ 9.12.2015

Hello folks! 

Hope everyone is doing super-duper (awkward, yes. I don't care) good.

If you follow me on Instagram (@Karolayncorzo) you know I was in a famous city that's called a fruit - getting a new passport.

I want to express and share my opinion about NYC, which will be up hopefully this upcoming week.  But while I was there, I stopped by a really nice and cozy coffee shop called Birch. If I'm not mistaken there are three of them

and they're all 
in Manhattan. 

I used to drink coffee since I was eight because in some way it was part of the culture of my home country. It was not trendy at all. It was just a normal habit for us to drink every single morning. We didn't have fancy machines; my mom used to boil the water, put the coffee on the strainer, prepared the milk etc. You know, old school.

Now that I live here in the US, I have never taste anything like it. Never. However, a couple of months ago I stopped drinking coffee because I became lactose intolerant and I'm not willing to drink black coffee. I just can't. To be hones it was hard at the beginning but now I'm completely fine. I don't crave it anymore. The only thing that is affecting me is not being able to buy this cool coffee stuff at Marshalls. Seriously. 

Then came one trip, NYC, with amazing coffee shops everywhere. I got to do it. I don't regret it.

The coffe at Birch was GREAT, very creamy and spumy. It had a good flavor which most coffee I've drunk here don't have at all. The service was gratifying, many polite people and only good vibes. 
I was pretty sad when I finished my latte and my mom who I consider to truly be a coffee fanatic, loved it.  In other  words you should stop by and say Karolayn recommended me, haha.

Anyway, hope you like my little vlog video.

To be clear, I'm not a coffee expert but I know what a high quality coffee is when I taste one. 

Now, let me know in the comments if you're a coffee lover, tea lover or you just prefer something else? (:


  1. Beautiful!


    1. Thank you Lauren!!

      Checking your blog right now (:

  2. I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about NYC! I love hearing about others opinions after they visit. :)
    wonderful photography! I am following you on instagram now bc of it. :D

    Winn | ♥ | Instagram

    1. It's going to be up tomorrow hopefully. And thank you for stopping by Winn.

  3. Love Birch coffee! Their coffee is so good :) and the Dough donuts! Cute video too xx


    1. It is good indeed! Thank you for stopping by Erica (:

  4. I simply cannot function without coffee... great pictures!

    1. Hahaha you're a coffee lover; Thank you!


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