/ 10.01.2015

New York…what a city.

I took hundreds of photos. It’s not possible to put them all in one post. Every week I’ll be sharing little by little and in not particular order. 

Anyways, here are a few of my thoughts.

New York is this crazy humongous city full of people and food spots. It has cool coffee shops, diversity and fashion in every voter. Along with historical streets, there’s meaningful places and beautiful architecture. Inspiration thrives in the big apple as its surrounded by creativity and special humans.

Since I moved to the United States, I’ve always wanted to go to New York. Who doesn’t right? You hear about so many wonderful things regarding that city. However, it wasn’t on my plans to go until I needed to get a new passport and the consulate was in New York. What perfect excuse!

Basically, I only had a week to plan the trip. Everything was last-minute. We almost didn’t have a place to sleep. We bought the flight tickets 5 days prior to the trip and we didn’t know where things where; the only thing I had was a list of the places I would visit, which I made at the beginning of the year. Thank God that everything turned out GREAT!

The first few days my heart had mixed feelings. I was in shocked; I felt weird. This city was more or less than what I expected. I know I can sound a bit like a drama queen or that I’m exaggerating but that’s how I felt and still feel. I’ve always had a desire to more to New York at some point go my life so I needed to evaluate my chances.

I stayed at Columbia college residence thanks to two special and talented girls (@Ellabric & @MVcaldera) that offered their apartment to us. It was cozy, well located and the view was just breath-taking.

Our weekly agenda was completely booked by there was so many things to do that we were kind of undecided. These are the places we went:

What’s cool is that everywhere you go there’s a photo opportunity. There are so many beautiful places that offer healthy eating choices and many areas to explore. I know that eve if you live there, you must be constantly discovering new places.

Nothing is perfect. This city has its pro and cons. Besides the bad stuff found in a metropolitan are, it’s a wonderful city as the song says. It’s pretty awesome to be surrounded by so many people, inspiring!

Also, I love that in the middle of concrete and tall buildings, there’s nature or cool places like the High Line and Central Park full of plants.

Really hope to be there soon.

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